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The Wine School of Philadelphia Discloses Trade Secrets

A trade school is disrupting the wine trade by opening up its proprietary framework for everyone to use for free.

This week, the Wine School of Philadelphia is giving away its trade secrets for free. The school’s proprietary framework for wine education has earned them national accolades and filled their classrooms for over twenty years.

“We call this our 100-20 framework,” says school founder Keith Wallace. “Back in 2001, we were a small school compared to the Court of Master Sommeliers and the Wine & Spirit Education Trust. We couldn’t compete on name recognition. We needed a way to consistently offer a wine program as good as those international companies. That’s when I came up with a way to offer the best possible experience to every student, every time.”

After months of research, Keith devised a simple system to ensure the school’s programs would always be world-class. Each semester includes 100 wines, 50 wine regions, 40 classroom hours, teaching staff with 30 years of trade experience (combined), and a limit of 20 students.

“This ratio of wine-student-teacher is the secret sauce behind our success,” says Keith. “it keeps our programs fresh and vibrant and worthy of our students. There is a reason we keep getting mentioned as a top wine school. It’s definitely not due to my charm.”

Keith hopes that other schools adopt the 100-20 framework and build upon his work by releasing this long-kept secret. He points to the success of open-source models in manufacturing, software, and mass media as his inspiration.

“I want other schools to build on my success. We don’t need proprietary programs like the Court of Master Sommeliers or the Wine & Spirit Education Trust. We need to offer great experiences and higher levels of education.”

Wine has always been about sharing; wine knowledge should be, too. Students interested in classes in Philadelphia can sign up for these programs at https://www.vinology.com/core-wine-education-courses/ For the online version of the program, students can visit https://www.vinology.com/all/online-sommelier-course/

Details of the program can be found here: https://www.vinology.com/the-trade-secrets-behind-wine-education.

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