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Central Valley Farmer Plans to Take Fight Back to D.C. as Congressman

California agriculture may be on its way to getting better representation in Washington D.C. with John Duarte running for California’s new 13th Congressional District.  A Central Valley native and an active multigenerational farmer, John is no career politician.  Protecting property rights and increasing water storage are among his top priorities. Watch this brief interview with John to see what he …

American Vineyard Magazine April Issue

American Vineyard April 2020

Contents of the April Issue: Tragedy to Triumph with John Balletto Wine Grape Grower Not Discouraged by Challenges California Wine Institute Conference Wine Leaders Highlight Trade Opportunities The American Grapevine Grape Industry News Briefs Spring Vineyard Frost Protection Options for Monitoring & Mitigation

Will Declining Raisin Grape Acreage Lead to Higher Raisin Prices?

California raisin growers have been disappointed this year with the raisin market after coming off of record high raisin prices the year before.  Is this price volatility expected to last, and will the continued removal of raisin acreage impact future pricing? Watch this brief interview with Steve Kister, Chairman of Board with Sun-Maid Growers, and read more about it in …

A Brand New Sun-Maid: Investing in the Future

The dried fruit sector hasn’t been as popular with millennial consumers as in other generations, but Sun-Maid Growers are working to turn things around (at least for California raisins) with some new strategies and investments as shared at their annual meeting in Fresno recently.  Watch this brief interview with Sun-Maid CEO Harry Overly and read more about it in American …

BASF Corrects Misconceptions about Ag & Engages in Community Education

In today’s fast paced urban society, there is a serious disconnect between consumers and the source of their food.  There is so much public misinformation and misconceptions about agriculture, that it has become more critical for farmers to reach out side of their comfort zone and communities to share the truth about what they do out in the field.  International …

UC Davis’ Kaan Kurtural Shares Advancements in Precision Viticulture

It used to be that growers had few if any options in bring uniformity to a vineyard with so much variability in soil type among other geographical characteristics.  There have been so many recent developments and technological advances in plant and soil sensing equipment that has taken precision viticulture to a whole new level.  Watch this brief interview with UC …

Spur Pruning Pinot Noir Vineyards Without Losing Crop Yield

An increasing tight labor supply has compelled grape growers to turn to mechanization, and spur pruning grapevines can save growers a lot of money over cane pruning; however, there has been a belief in the industry that spur pruning Pinot Noir vineyards leads to reduced yields in comparison.  Watch this brief interview with Patty Skinkis from Oregon State University as …

California Raisin Crop Estimate Up, Acreage Down

Harvest has just begun for Central Valley raisin growers, but what is crop size, quality and maturity looking like?  Watch this brief interview with Sun-Maid Board member and grower Jon Marthedal to find out, and read more about it in the September issue of American Vineyard Magazine. Please thank our sponsor Duarte Nursery for their industry support HERE.

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