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Sequoia Grove Winery Commits $35,000 To Save The Redwoods League

Sequoia Grove Winery, one of Napa Valley’s pioneering producers of premium Cabernet Sauvignon, is proud to announce $35,000 in donations to Save the Redwoods League in support of its mission to protect and restore California’s most iconic trees. The producer, founded in 1979, features two prominent Sequoia sempervirens abutting its historic tasting room, along with a circular grove from which the winery gets its name.

The contribution to Save the Redwoods League follows Sequoia Grove’s longstanding sustainability efforts in the Napa Valley. The estate is one of the first five wineries to be certified under the rigorous new standards of the Napa Green Vineyard Program, which provides a pathway for growers to improve soil health, become carbon neutral to negative within six to nine years, and increase the resilience of vineyards, businesses, and community.

Save the Redwoods League was founded in 1918 to mitigate the damage done by the unchecked logging of redwood forests in the early 20th century. In the time since, the League has saved over 220,000 acres of redwood forests through their core strategies of Protect, Restore, and Connect. The organization has a wide-ranging set of programming that encompasses the purchase of land for conservation purposes, restoration of redwood forests to promote the native longevity of the species, and the funding of grants that ensure equity access to redwood and sequoia parks for underrepresented communities. It is because of these comprehensive tactics, that Sequoia Grove Winery became a 1% for the Planet Member in 2019, chose to make its donations through the organization.

“Our goal at Sequoia Grove is to support organizations and enroll in agricultural programs that share our values of preservation and ecological respect; to that end, we’re very honored to contribute to the work that Save the Redwoods League is doing,” says Rick Bonitati, President of Sequoia Grove Winery. “Beyond the obvious ties we share with the winery’s name and trees on our property, we see a metaphoric kinship in the deep roots we have in the Napa Valley and the ties we have to its land and people.”

“Save the Redwoods League is grateful for our partnership with Sequoia Grove Winery, which shares in our mission to protect and restore California’s iconic redwood forests and connect all people to their peace and beauty so these wonders of the natural world thrive,” says Sam Hodder, President and CEO of Save The Redwoods League, “Through proceeds from Sequoia Grove’s 1% for the Planet membership and donations of its excellent wines to our annual fundraising event, Sequoia Grove Winery is making a meaningful difference for the redwoods.”

For more information on the winery and their work with Save the Redwoods League visit Sequoia Grove Winery’s Webpage: www.sequoiagrove.com. For social media, please visit Facebook page @SequoiaGroveWines or @sequoiagrove on Instagram.

About Sequoia Grove:

Established in 1979, Sequoia Grove Winery is obsessed with the details that go into crafting our Napa Valley wines and single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignons. Our commitment to quality starts in the vineyard; we grow the very best grapes in the finest terroir to form the foundation of our wines. Quality is intrinsic to everything we do, from winemaking to our gracious hospitality; it’s ingrained in our culture and the vanguard of our philosophy. At Sequoia Grove, we’ve been carving our own path for decades while never losing sight of who we are: rooted in history, guided by integrity, resolute in our values, and committed to the future. Visit us on online: https://www.sequoiagrove.com.

About Kobrand Corporation

Founded in 1944, Kobrand Corporation remains one of the few family-owned wine and spirits companies in the United States. Kobrand’s portfolio of fine wine and spirits was meticulously selected according to a single, unerring principle: quality. This continued focus has made the Kobrand name synonymous with wines and spirits of the highest caliber for over 75 years. Kobrand is the sales and marketing representative of Sequoia Grove Winery. In addition, Kobrand is the exclusive agent for an outstanding selection of fine wines, spirits and sakes from key regions around the world, including the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Chile, Argentina, and New Zealand. For more information, about Kobrand and our portfolio visit http://www.Kobrandwineandspirits.com.

About Save the Redwoods League

Save the Redwoods League is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect and restore California redwoods and connect people to the peace and beauty of redwood forests. The League protects redwoods by purchasing redwood forests and the surrounding land needed to nurture them. We restore redwood forests by innovating science and technology that can improve stewardship and accelerate forest regeneration. And by protecting more than 200,000 acres and helping to create 66 redwood parks and reserves, the League builds connections among people and the redwood forests. The League’s work is grounded in the principles of conservation biology, research and improving our collective understanding and appreciation of the redwoods.

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