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“Seeding the Future Documentary Addresses Impact of Climate Change on Wine Industry

Global wine community organization, Porto Protocol, has announced the launch of its second documentary, titled ‘Seeding the Future.’ The groundbreaking film sheds light on the profound impact of climate change on winegrowers worldwide, featuring testimonials from industry leaders and showcasing best practices implemented to mitigate its effects. ‘Seeding the Future’ will be available for streaming on YouTube.

A key theme of ‘Seeding the Future’ is the value of collaboration within the industry. Porto Protocol plays a pivotal role in fostering this collaboration, serving as a unifying force that brings together winegrowers, wineries, and other stakeholders committed to addressing climate change challenges collectively.

“We are proud to unveil ‘Seeding the Future,’ and bring to the forefront the voices of winegrowers facing the harsh realities of climate change,” says Adrian Bridge, founder and CEO of Porto Protocol and CEO of The Fladgate Partnership. “Through their stories, we witness the unwavering spirit and commitment of individuals across the globe who are not only adapting to climate challenges but actively shaping a more sustainable future for the wine industry. ‘Seeding the Future’ underscores the critical role of collaboration in overcoming the impacts of climate change. Porto Protocol stands as a beacon of unity, providing a platform for collective action, and knowledge exchange. By sharing best practices and fostering a sense of shared responsibility, we empower the industry to address climate change head-on. As we premiere this documentary, we invite the entire wine community and beyond to join us in this important conversation. Together, we can build a resilient and sustainable future for our vineyards, our wines, and our planet.”

‘Seeding the Future’ takes viewers on a journey across diverse wine regions, where winegrowers share their experiences and insights into the challenges posed by climate change. From unpredictable weather patterns to shifting growing seasons, the documentary captures the resilience of these individuals in adapting to the evolving climate conditions. The film delves into the innovative and sustainable practices each winegrower has adopted to tackle the climate crisis. Viewers will gain valuable insights into the strategies employed by these forward-thinking individuals, ranging from vineyard design, year-round sheep grazing, wetland restoration, usage of geothermal energy, to reusable bottle schemes.

For more information about Porto Protocol, visit https://www.portoprotocol.com.


Porto Protocol is a leading organization dedicated to inspiring and mobilizing the wine industry to address climate change. Through shared best practices and solutions, initiatives, partnerships, and global collaborations, Porto Protocol seeks to create a positive impact on the environment and drive lasting change within the wine community. Its mission is to drive collaborative action by bringing together a network of change makers and workable climate solutions for and within the wine world. Founded by Taylor’s Port, The Porto Protocol was born out of the belief that, if we work together, share our successes and experiences, we can achieve systemic change and create a ripple effect that extends far beyond the wine industry.

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