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Results from the 2021 Ohio Grape Census now Available

The Ohio Grape Industries Committee (OGIC) recently asked researchers at the Ohio State University (OSU) to carry out a full census survey of growers who grew grapes in Ohio in 2021.  This report was designed to capture the acres and estimated production of various grape varieties in Ohio, and updates a report last issued by the USDA in 2017. The survey was completed by 148 farms (an 83% response rate), and documents 112 varieties raised on 1,222 acres across 55 counties (including 95 acres of newly planted vines). The results are interesting and can help grape growers and processors plan for the future.
Some of the highlighted results include:
• Ohio growers raised 1,222 acres of grapes, including 95 acres of newly planted vines. Growers reported harvesting over 3,260 tons of grapes in 2021.
• Ohio growers raised 112 varieties of grapes. Fourteen varieties comprised 71% of all acres. The most common varieties raised were Concord, Vidal Blanc, and Riesling.
• 36% of grape acres were planted to Vinifera varieties, 34% were in Hybrids, while 30% were planted to Native varieties.
• Roughly 80% of grape acres and production were used for wine in 2021.
• Twenty percent of growers raised more than 10 acres; these farms were responsible for 69% of total production.
• Grapes were raised in 55 Ohio counties in 2021. Ashtabula was the leading county, with 20% of grape farms, 42% of grape acreage, and 58% of total grape production
To see a copy of the full report in PDF – click HERE. Questions regarding the survey and results can be directed towards Doug Jackson-Smith at jackson-smith.1@osu.edu.

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