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Raisin Bargaining Association CEO Celebrates 80th Birthday

Growers and Packers recently celebrated the 80th birthday of the Raisin Bargaining Association’s CEO, Kalem Barserian. Among the many nice things that were shared about the longtime raisin industry leader, those present were all in agreement that Barserian has “definitely earned his 80th birthday.” It seems like he has competed with other packers over the years on more than just raisins, as many shared fond memories of playing sports with Barserian, like tennis, ping-pong and basketball. “Kalem always liked to win,” they shared, “and that is why he has been so successful in the industry as well.” “He has always had his facts and figures straight, and based his decisions in the industry off of them.” Way to go Kalem! We are grateful for your dedicated leadership serving the raisin industry.

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