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Patent for Unique Montana Harbinger Grape Variety Nears

Montana Grape & Wine Association  Longtime Montana Grape & Wine Association supporter and member Dr. Al Putnam of Hamilton said he has received what he considers “good news” about his submission for a patent on the Montana “Harbinger” grape variety.

Dr. Putnam, a retired professor of horticulture, had discovered the new vine in his small vineyard near Corvallis. He recognized the plant was not one he had nurtured and was confident it was likely a wild cross between other varieties in his vineyard.

After tests and trial winemaking, Putnam found the vine had very attractive and promising properties. And as Al reflected, “it made a pretty nice wine.”

The plant was then propagated and a row of vines is growing at the Western Agricultural Research Center at Corvallis under the direction of Dr. Zach Miller and Dr. Andrej Svyantek.

Putnam has submitted the results to the United States Patent Office for consideration as a totally new Montana grape variety. He has named the variety “Harbinger.”

This February he received a communication from the USPO that only a few details of information were needed to complete the process. Al has responded and he hopes to receive the patent soon.

He said he has contacted nurseries for the actual propagation of the vine so it can be offered in larger quantities to Montana growers and other vineyardists.

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