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Oregon State University Research Winery Renovations

Oregon State University – Exciting things are happening at the Oregon State University Research and Teaching Winery. The winery is undergoing a complete renovation as part of a larger project renovating Withycombe Hall. This renovation will increase the winery size from approximately 900 sq feet to over 2,500 sq feet. The newly renovated winery will be equipped with a large number of small capacity research fermenters and appropriately scaled processing equipment. There will also be a new winery laboratory fully equipped to conduct essential grape and wine analysis. Investment in the new winemaking facility will provide the OWRI with a state-of-the-art winery with outstanding capabilities for conducting research trials. In addition, larger-scale equipment for teaching purposes will strengthen training of students along with providing improved work force training through extension courses. . Fundraising is continuing for the renovation and equipping of the OSU Research and Teaching Winery. To date, we have raised over $750,000 and we are continuing to seek donations from industry to support this project. One of our ongoing fundraising initiatives is the “Name that Tank” initiative. For a $10,000 donation a company or individual can have their name on an engraved plate on the side of one of the research fermenters. If you are interested in finding out more about the winery renovation and how you can support the OSU Viticulture and Enology program please contact James Osborne james.osborne@oregonstate.edu.

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