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New Premier Radio Show Celebrates Sonoma’s Culinary and Wine Excellence

Wine enthusiasts and food connoisseurs, mark your calendars for a remarkable new radio experience! CRN Digital Talk Radio will launch  “Vine, Wine & Dine,” a captivating radio show hosted by the esteemed Sommelier Larry Van Aalst, Michael Haney, executive director of Sonoma County Vintners, and Chef Dustin Valette, owner of The Matheson and Valette.

This extraordinary program will air every other Wednesday starting September 20th, 6-7p.m. PT and will be broadcast live from The Matheson – an upscale restaurant featuring modern Wine Country cuisine. This exciting wine and culinary journey is proudly sponsored by Sonoma County Vintners.

“Vine, Wine & Dine is more than just a radio show; it’s an invitation to embark on a sensory adventure through the heart of Sonoma County,” said Michael Horn, President of CRN Digital Talk Radio.  “Listeners will have the opportunity to explore the world of wine, from its rich history to the latest trends and vintages. Larry, Michael and Dustin, all esteemed figures in the wine and culinary industries, will share their extensive knowledge and passion, introducing you to the fascinating people behind every bottle and the picturesque vineyards that produce them.”

“Vine, Wine & Dine” goes beyond wine; it’s a celebration of farm-fresh, locally sourced cuisine that epitomizes the essence of Sonoma. Chef Valette’s kitchen from The Matheson will craft exquisite dishes that perfectly complement the featured wines, offering listeners a taste of the region’s culinary treasures.

Sponsored by Sonoma County Vintners, this show promises to be a true culinary and oenophile’s delight, providing an opportunity to savor the harmonious fusion of wine, food, and culture that defines the heart of Sonoma County.

To listen to “Vine, Wine & Dine” live, simply tune in on Wednesdays from 6-7p.m. PT at CRNTalk.com.  Connect with the show on the CRN Digital Talk Radio App or dial #250 on your Smartphone and say “CRN.”


CRN Digital Talk Radio syndicates the best in talk radio to broadcast radio, cable television and multiple digital platforms, including coverage on Tune in Radio, iHeart Radio, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Roku and many more outlets.  Visit www.CRNTalk.com for more information!


Sonoma County Vintners is the leading voice of Sonoma County wine, dedicated to raising awareness of Sonoma County as one of the world’s premier wine regions. Sonoma County Vintners represents over 200 wineries throughout the county. The organization actively promotes Sonoma County through educational programming; advocates for its members at local, state and federal levels; and contributes to the local communities through our Sonoma County Vintners Foundation. Sonoma County Wine Auction, its annual fundraiser, benefits non-profit organizations throughout the region. To learn more about Sonoma County Vintners, visit SonomaWine.com.


The Matheson is Sonoma County’s acclaimed food & wine experience located in the heart of Downtown Healdsburg. Helmed by renowned Chef and Owner, Dustin Valette, guests are welcomed to multiple unique restaurant/bar concepts all under one roof – from an upscale restaurant featuring modern Wine Country cuisine, to an ornate bar lounge, complete with a Wine Wall featuring 88 wines on tap. Upstairs, Roof 106 offers guests an open-air cocktail lounge and more casual eatery, with indoor dining options available. Every dish and libation is prepared with finesse and celebrates local artisans and the expansive surrounding region, while the food, cocktail and wine menus rotate with the changing micro-seasons, offering a unique experience with each visit.

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