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New Partnership Designed to Raise the Profile of New York Wines in Canada

The New York Wine & Grape Foundation (NYWGF) is pleased to announce the appointment of a.m.c.c., led by Andrea Backstrom and Melissa Stunden, as the market representative for New York wines in Canada beginning July 1st, 2022. a.m.c.c. will help identify appropriate trade partners for New York wines and work to further develop a network of agents, buyers, sommeliers, educators, and influencers to promote New York wines in Canada, with a focus on Ontario and Quebec.

“We are inspired by the expertise, energy, and enthusiasm that Melissa and Andrea bring to the promotion of New York Wines in Canada,” said Valerie Venezia-Ross, Director of Programs & Marketing at NYWGF. “Having worked with them on projects in the past, we’ve also seen first-hand how well respected a.m.c.c. is in the industry. We are proud to have them on the Boldly, NY. team.”

“We are very excited to take on the market representation for the New York Wine & Grape Foundation in the Canadian market,” said Andrea Backstrom, Co-Founder of a.m.c.c. “There is a unique opportunity to leverage the close proximity and similarities to the local wine market here, while increasing the awareness and potential for New York Wines amongst trade and consumers.”

NYWGF and a.m.c.c. look forward to developing deeper awareness of the New York wine brand in Canada, promoting New York wines through the LCBO and SAQ, and to finding exciting opportunities for unrepresented New York wineries interested in exporting to Canada.

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