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Kerrville Hills Winery Opens Second Tasting Room in Texas

Kerrville Hills Winery has opened its second tasting room, “The Hill at Hye,” that offers the same award-winning wines as are served in the Kerrville Hills Winery tasting room, but with a different tasting experience. The original tasting room offers classic tastings and the opportunity for guests to see where the wines are produced, as well as a view of the town of Kerrville from up on the hill, while The Hill at Hye is dedicated to seated tastings by appointment. Kerrville Hills Winery hosted a grand opening of a new tasting room with a public event on Texas Independence Day, Wednesday, March 2.

In The Heart of Texas Wine Country

The Hill at Hye is located in the Texas Hill Country on the famed Wine Road 290. This corridor running between Johnson City and Fredericksburg, Texas has become the epicenter for wine tourism because of the concentration of excellent vineyards and wineries located along the length of the highway. The Hill at Hye is located in Hye, Texas, a small town with great restaurants and accommodations is renowned as an excellent destination for wine-focused day trips.

“Texas has become a go-to destination for wine tourism in the U.S. drawing sophisticated wine lovers from all over the country,” says John Rivenburgh, winemaker and owner of Kerrville Hills Winery. “We’re opening The Hill at High not just as a second tasting room, but as a completely different kind of place for people to have an immersive experience with an opportunity to really get to know the wine, and the process that goes into making it from cultivating the grapes, to our winemaking process, and even our cellaring process. We are offering a highly relaxing, engaging, and educational wine experience in an easy to visit location in the heart of the Texas wine country”

A Tailored Experience

The Hill at Hye offers intimate tasting experiences, where guests enjoy a seated tasting hosted either by winemaker, John Rivenburgh, or a one-on-one experience with a tasting associate. The indoor tasting room has seating for eight guests. The Hill at Hye also has a cozy patio and gracious outdoor space with ample seating. Guests are encouraged to relax outside with a bottle of wine and snacks after the formal tasting. Tasting experiences are by appointment only, Thursday to Sunday at noon, 2:00 p.m., or 4:00 p.m. Guests can schedule reservations online or call 830.377.1254.

About Kerrville Hills Winery

Sitting at the highest point in Kerr County, overlooking the beautiful Texas Hill Country, Kerrville Hills Winery (KHW) was the first winery established in Kerrville. In 2019, John Rivenburgh purchased Kerrville Hills to establish a wine incubator; a communal space for educated winemaking accelerating boutique operations. John has deep roots in the Texas Hill Country, is an award-winning winemaker, and has passion for growing high-quality, sustainable Texas grapes. Follow Kerrville Hills Winery on Facebook and Instagram.

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