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North Carolina Winegrowers’ Annual Conference

January 31 - February 2


“Gaining Regional Acceptance”

Our Friday Morning Guest speaker will be Jim Trezise, President of WineAmerica. The National Association of American Wineries.The mission of WineAmerica is to encourage the dynamic growth and development of American wineries and winegrowing through the advancement and advocacy of sound public policy. WineAmerica lobbies hard on your behalf!


Meeting Agenda:

Thursday, January 31st, 2019

10:00 – 1:00 pm
Registration – Vendor Setup

Session 1

1:00 – 1:45 pm – How to size a winery under 2500 cases- Sean McRitchie/ McRitchie Winery & Ciderworks, Mark Friszolowski/ Childress Vineyards, Michael Helton/ Hanover Park Vineyard

Discussion of the equipment required for a winery that produces up to 2500 cases of wine annually/33 tons/approximately 10 acres. Includes Laboratory, crush pad, Cellar, tanks, barrels and packaging equipment.

Session 2

2:00-2:45 pm – Practical Application in the vineyard/ Cost of an acre- Dr. Mark Hoffman/ NCSU, Sarah Bowman/ Surry Community College

Session 3

3:00- 3:45 pm – Branding – David Bower/ Surry Community College

Session 4

4:00- 4:45 pm –Intro to the Federal Worker Protection Standards for Vineyards- Travis Snodgrass/ Pesticide Inspector II, NCDA&CS Structural Pest Control & Pesticides Division

• This session will cover the state and federal requirements vineyard owners must meet when any pesticide (insecticide, fungicide, herbicide, etc.) is applied in the vineyard.

Friday, February 1st, 2019

8:00 – 9:00 am – Registration – Vendor Displays 9:00 – 11:30 am – General Session Meeting

  • Presidents Intro – Tom Hughes
  • Treasurers Report – Chuck Johnson
  • Quality Alliance Program (QAP) Chuck Johnson, David Bower
  • NC Grape Council- Whit Winslow
  • State of the State – Dr. Mark Hoffman
  • Election Results – Amy Helton
  • Global Wine Market Perspective – Ian Taplin
  • Dr. Erick Byrd, Sam Troy/ UNCG- Brief review of the 2014-2019 NC Wine

    Industry strategic plan and an introduction to the planning process for the


  • Jim Trezise – President of WineAmerica- National Issues effecting the Wine


11:30 – 12:30 pm – Lunch
12:30 – 1:00 pm – Vendor Displays Session 1
1:00 – 1:45 pm –

Viticulture –

Procedures & Methods for Petiole Sample Data – Baron Johnson & Cole Davis/ Helena Chemical


The first half of the session will be on basic soil fertility and the need for

petiole/tissue sampling. Cole Davis, our Agrintelligence Specialist, does all of our petiole/tissue sampling. He will be speaking on the actual sampling and some trends we are seeing.

Enology –

Trends in Fault Training – David Bower/ Surry Community College **Seating is limited to the first 75**

Marketing –

Double Session – RASP Program – Certificate Available – Charlie Fuller/ Information and Communication Specialist, NC-ABC Commission

This session will cover The Education and Training Division of the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission conducts responsible server/seller training for both on-premise and off-premise business owners, managers and employees. After completion you will walk away with a certificate.

Business –

Grape Council Funded Projects – Whit Winslow/ NC Grape Council

Session 2

2:00 – 2:45 pm –

Viticulture – Vineyard Scouting: When and What to Look For –

Mark Hoffmann/NCSU

Enology – What makes Mead Hot in Todays –

Diane Currier/ Honeygirl Meadery, Becky Starr/ Starrlight Mead, Dana Acker/ Windsor Run Cellars

Mead: Wine’s Ancient Roots – Tastes, Trends, and Techniques.

You’ve probably heard about Mead, but do you really know what it is? Forbes named it one of the hottest new trends back in 2011 and it’s still growing. In this session, three of the largest mead producers in the state will introduce you to the world’s oldest fermented beverage. We’ll talk about not only it’s ancient roots, but the hot trends. We’ll discuss some technique and detail about why you should consider making mead in those empty tanks while waiting for grape harvest. And we’ll spend a little time on the different flavors that go so well with honey, including fruit, spices and herbs. Join us on an adventure in Mead.

Marketing – Double Session Continued – RASP Program – Charlie Fuller/ Information and Communication Specialist, NC-ABC Commission

Business – Varieties & Yields Census Data – Cathy & Dan McLaughlin/ CLINNEAM


Learn about the results of the North Carolina Grape Census, conducted to establish a record of varietals being grown in North Carolina,
their success in different areas, and just as important, ones have not done well. This will help you to know where to focus your time and selection for crops. This data will help the Grape Council identify needs, risks, and opportunities for vineyards to communicate and share varietal strengths & weaknesses.

A census is so important, it is part of the US Constitution. As the North Carolina wine industry was growing, there were a limited number
of vineyards, and most vineyard owners knew each other by first

name. Now that we have over 500 vineyards, it is time we conducted a census of the grapes and varietals growing in North Carolina.

2:45 – 3:15 Vendor Visits

Session 3

3:15 – 4:00 pm –

Viticulture – Update on the recent changes to the Federal Worker Protection Standards – Travis Snodgrass/ NCDA&CS

ThissessionwillcovertherecentupdatetotheWorkerProtectionStandards. This update includes changes to training, records, notification, and respiratory protection requirements for all applicators.

Enology – Double Session – Dry Rose & Varietal Red – Ed Williams/ Greensboro News & Record – Seating limited to first 75.


Once the province of Provence, most North Carolina wineries make sure there’s a rose wine in their portfolio. The market for rose has skyrocketed in recent years and consumers are enjoying it not just in the summer but year-round. How important is rose to a winery’s success? What advantages do winemaker’s gain from bleeding off young juice from Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, Chambourcin? This session will pair a rose alongside the mother ship so you’ll gain a greater appreciation of similarities and differences

Marketing – Bloggers – Panel Discussion –
Joe Brock & Matt Kemberling, “The NC Wine Guys”

Brian & Dax Yost/ Brian writes for the Virginia Grape. He and Dax also write and run the social media for Wine Tourist Magazine. Brian and Dax work to promote East Coast Wines.
Frank Morgan is a wine writer who write the Drink What You Like blog and hosts Virginia Wine Chat and East Coast Wine Chat.

Our session will focus on Blogging and how it helps promote wine regions. We’ll hear from a bit about the story in Virginia and how bloggers have helped elevate Virginia wine. This could be a great example for North Carolina’s goal to gain regional acceptance. It starts with folks inside the state, but it’s great to have folks outside begin talking and enjoying North Carolina Wine.

Business – ALE Top Ten Issues – Jonathan “Matt Bowman”/ ALE Agent

Session 4

4:15- 5:00 PM –
Viticulture – Interpreting a Soil Test Report – John Havlin/ NCSU

Nutrient management in wine grape production is essential to optimum vine health and grape quality. Soil and plant analysis procedures are designed to quantify the vines’ nutrient status and the soils’ capacity to meet plant nutrient demand. Efficient nutrient management planning requires an effective soil and plant sampling plan and careful interpretation of the soil and plant analysis reports to determine optimum lime and nutrient application rates.

Enology – Double Session Continued – Dry Rose & Varietal Red – Ed Williams/ Greensboro News & Record

Marketing – Smart Business Practices for NC Wines – Sam Troy/ Dr. Erick Byrd/ UNCG

An interactive discussion of the results of a study to identify current smart business practices of wineries throughout North Carolina. The primary smart business practices that were identified are; prepare for business, develop quality products, develop compatible revenue streams, delight and engage customers, and market the winery effectively.

Business – Transition Issues & Concerns, Buying & Selling – Marek Wojciechowski/ Chatham Hill Winery, Dennis Lanahan/ Former owner Mountain Brook Vineyards, Chad & Crista Geubert/ Golden Road Vineyards.

6:00 – 7:00 pm – NC Showcase of Wines 7:00 – 8:00 pm – Banquet Dinner
8:00 – 9:00 pm – Keynote Speaker

Awards Ceremony 9:00 – 11:00 pm – Dancing to DJ Butch

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 Session 1
9:00 – 9:45 am

Viticulture – Designing an Integrated Pest Management Program (Sarah Bowman/ Surry Community College and Mark Hoffmann/ NCSU
Chemical disease and insect control are a necessary component of Winegrape production in a southeastern climate. However, there are other strategies growers can utilize to reduce pest and disease pressure, as well as increase the efficacy of chemical control methods. Attend this session to learn about the different approaches and tools you can incorporate into your pest management


Enology – Remedial Treatment of NC Red Wine for Excess Methoxypyrazine Levels – Louis Jereslow/ Elkin Creek Vineyards, Grant Recipient
Can there finally be a practical and effective remedial treatment for “green” pyrazines in Red wines?

Herbaceous Methoxypyrazine compounds are known to contribute green pepper and vegetal qualities in under ripe Bordeaux variety red wines. They have been notoriously hard to prevent or eliminate during less than ideal growing seasons. We will review the process and results of a recent experiment to treat wines and juice that show high levels of this astringent compound.

Marketing – Establishing a Marketing Plan on a Budget – Hailey Klepcyk/ Piccione Vineyards, Erin Doby/ Raylen Vineyards

Business – Developing a Team – Kari Heerdt/ Round Peak Vineyards, Ashley Morrison/ Surry Community College

Session 2

10:00 – 10:45 am

Viticulture- Outreach Teams and Resources, Q & A (Mark Hoffmann/ NCSU and Sarah Bowman/ Surry Community College (Mark will write the description) Note: This is a better use of conference time as the Viticulture Outreach Position at Surry is not definite, but could be talked about during this session.

Enology – Color & Tannin on NC Red Wine Survey – David Bower/ Surry Community College

Marketing – Alternative Marketing – Looking beyond Social Media

“The Wine Mouths”, Jessica Byrd & Jessica Morris, Chris/ pleb Urban Winery

Description: Marketing strategies to drive consumer involvement and create community in the winery and beyond.

Business – Bottling – Canning – Kegging – Boxing: Developing a Packaging Strategy – Panel Discussion – Teresa Brown/ Wright Global Graphics, Ken Gulaian/ Round Peak Vineyards, Skull Camp Brewing, Mark Friszolowski/ Childress Vineyards

The options for packaging your wine continue to expand – but the best strategy depends on many factors, and more than one packaging option may make sense. Join our panel discussion to learn more on these various options, ask questions, and explore how each fits your winery’s brand and strategy.

Session 3

11:00 – 11:45 am

Viticulture –Promoting Long-term Vineyard Productivity – Sarah Bowman/ Surry Community College
Past and current season management can have lasting impacts throughout the lifetime of your vineyard. Furthermore, economic stability is dependent on vineyard efficiency and the quality and consistency of yield. Attend this session to learn how to plan and implement tasks to sustain vine production potential while promoting fruit quality and labor efficiency.

Enology – Expanding your Winery over 2500 cases – Sean McRitchie/ McRitchie Winery & Ciderworks, Mark Friszolowski/ Childress Vineyards, Casey Matthews/

Sanctuary Vineyards

Discussion of the equipment required for a winery that produces over 2500 cases

of wine annually.

Marketing – Tourist Development Associations – Marcheta Keefer/ Visit WS, Bobby Todd/ Yadkin Chamber of Commerce, Jessica Roberts/ Visit Mayberry

Business – How & where do you sell your wine? – Tina Smith/ Cypress Bend Vineyards, Barbara Walker/ Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards, Doss Cummings/ Childress Vineyards

**Subject to Change**


North Carolina Winegrower’s Association


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