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North Carolina Vineyard Workshop

April 19 @ 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM


Travis Snodgrass/ NCDA&CS Pesticide Division

Every year we get calls from Vineyard Managers about possible drift damage from a nearby area. “Do you suspect herbicide damage to grapes in your vineyard? How to identify, what to do, should you report it, steps to take, possible outcomes, etc.”.

This session will also cover the use of late season applications of Hydrogen Peroxide sprays such as Oxidate. I’ll just go over some of the unique label language found on these products that can get vineyards in trouble with pickers/ harvester’s present.

Dr. Mark Hoffman/ NCSU

Systemic diseases such as Pierces’ Disease, Grapevine Trunk Diseases and Grapevine Viruses are wide-spread in North Carolina, and if unmanaged, have negative impacts on longevity and productivity of a vineyard. Disease symptoms are often not very specific and can overlap. We will discuss current state of research on trunk and virus diseases in NC, best identification methods and management practices.

Cole Davis/ Helena Chemicals

Spray calibration demonstration & chemicals. Accurate sprayer calibration is essential for proper coverage and to ensure that spray materials/ chemicals are not wasted. Procedures and protocols for calibration of herbicide and air-blast sprayers are discussed. We will also discuss chemicals that can be mixed together as well as chemicals that cause problems when mixed together.

Pesticide Credits are available.

Subject to Change.

Register by sending an email to ncwavineyardworkshop@gmail.com


North Carolina Winegrower’s Association