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Growers No Longer Need Compromises with Fumigation and Nematicides with GroPro’s Vigilance

– SPONSORED CONTENT – Worldwide growers face severe issues with the allocation of fumigants, reduced control from conventional nematicides, or bio and conventional-based nematicides that provide suppression or just don’t work. The damage done by nematodes to crops is devasting, leading to reduced uptake of nutrients, lower yields, or slower growth. The losses from nematodes exceed 10 billion USD annually. …

American Vineyard May Issue


Contents of the May Issue: Five Bucks & A Desire for a Better Life Hardworking Raisin Growers Inspire Next Generation Changes in Leadership at the RBA The Rocky Road Continues with Hope for a Bright Future The Economics of Grape-Growing in Maryland Crunching the Numbers at the Maryland Grape Growers Conference The American Grapevine Grape Industry News Briefs California New …