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Using Hyperspectral Imaging to Detect Grapevine Water Stress

Drones are being more widely employed for various purposes in the agricultural sector.  The Fresno State Department of Viticulture & Enology is taking things to the next level by measuring grapevine water stress through hyperspectral imaging, using drone-accumulated data to further automate the irrigation process. Watch this brief interview with Luca Brillante and Kaylah Vasquez to learn more, and read …

Vineyard Mechanization Beyond Harvest

A record number of growers will be mechanically harvesting their grapes this year, due in part to increasing labor limitations.  There have been many recent innovations in mechanization that go far beyond the machine harvesting of grapes.  From mechanical leaf and sucker removal to automated winter pruners, watch this video with Aaron Lange from Langetwins Family Winery & Vineyards for …

Turlock Irrigation District Serves Growers, Conserves Water with New Technology

Amidst a threatening drought, groups and individuals are working to find more ways to conserve the precious resource of water, and Turlock Irrigation District has been leading the way for sustainable water management with new technologies and strategies. Watch this brief interview with Michelle Reimers from Turlock Irrigation District as she explains their recent improvements and plans. Please thank this …

American Vineyard April Issue

Contents of the April Issue: Sustainability From the Ground Up Columbine Vineyards Achieves Sustainability Certification Solbrio: The New Table Grape on the Block A Promising Black Seedless Variety for California Growers Mapping Red Blotch & Leafroll Viruses New Project with Smart Technology Makes Possible The American Grapevine Grape Industry News Briefs California Florida Montana Oregon Pennsylvania Texas Virginia Washington

Are Autonomous Self-Driving Tractors Legal in California?

As California’s agricultural industries progress towards a more sustainable future with new technologies and innovations, current Cal OSHA regulations (unless changed) may hinder their progress, particularly with regard to autonomous or self-driving tractors.  Watch this brief video with Michael Miiller from the California Association of Winegrape Growers as he explains.   Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their industry support.

Putting Pressure Chamber Values into Context Using the Calculated Non-Stressed Baseline

Nearly 40 years after its first documented use in grapevines, the pressure chamber (“pressure bomb”) remains the gold standard tool for determining vine water status. Whether one chooses to measure midday leaf water potential (ψleaf) or midday stem water potential (ψstem), the pressure bomb informs us how stressed our vines are and helps us decide whether to irrigate. A review …

SJV Air Pollution Control District Addresses Phase Out of Ag Burning

Agricultural burning as we know it is currently in the process of being phased out.  So what’s the timeline, what alternatives are out there and what incentive programs are available for the industry to make this big transition? These topics were addressed at Malcolm Media’s recent Grape, Nut & Tree Fruit Expo. Watch this interview with Crystal Yunker from the …

ARS, NASA Join Forces To Monitor Earth’s Water Supply

Scientists with the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) have teamed up with NASA to use satellites to monitor the water cycle on Earth, specifically “evapotranspiration” — the amount of water that enters the atmosphere through evaporation and transpiration from plants. Transpiration occurs during photosynthesis when plants take up carbon dioxide and release oxygen. That information is especially important for farmers …

American Vineyard August Issue

American Vineyard August Issue

Contents of the August Issue: When Smoke Gets in Your Wine New Smoke Taint Report Offers Guidance RBA Receiving Services More Options This Raisin Harvest Comparing Bird Management Tactics Dry Year Will Likely Draw More Birds to Vineyards The American Grapevine Grape Industry News Briefs California North Carolina Washington

American Vineyard July Issue


Contents of the July Issue: UV Treatment Could be “Game Changer” WAVEx Addresses Powdery Mildew Fungicide Resistance RBA Gathers Strength Post-Pandemic Raisin Growers Anticipate Better Year & Prices Protecting Vineyards with Drones The Modern Scarecrow The American Grapevine Grape Industry News Briefs California Georgia North Carolina Oregon Washington

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