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Upbeat Mood as Unified Wine & Grape Symposium Emerges from Pandemic Years

With a sold-out tradeshow and robust sessions in all things wine and grape, guests here at the 29th Unified Wine & Grape Symposium sipped wines, learned about trends, perused innovative products and enthusiastically reconnected with colleagues from around the nation after years of pandemic isolation. “It felt like a gigantic class reunion,” said Natalie Collins, president of the California Association …

American Vineyard November Issue


Contents of the November Issue: Crop Estimation as a Tool for Sustainability Foley Family Farms Explores New Application for Grape Production Farm Advisor Spotlight New Table Grape Advisor for Tulare & Kings Counties Cabernet can Survive Climate Change Changing Trellis Systems can Protect Wine Grapes, Quality The American Grapevine Grape Industry News Briefs Arkansas California Colorado Minnwsota Missouri North Carolina …

Southern Sensation Seedless: New Table Grape for the Mid-South

In 2021, the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture and Texas A&M University cooperatively released a new table grape, Southern Sensation Seedless. What makes this grape special is that after thirty-four years of trialing in central and southeastern Texas, areas with extreme pressure from Pierce’s Disease (Xylella fastidiosa), no Pierce’s Disease (PD) symptoms have been observed and vines have …

California Table Grape Growers Offer Scholarships

California table grape growers are offering three types of scholarships to graduating high school seniors from the table grape growing regions of California. There are two types scholarships offered for field workers and their families. The first is a $14,500 scholarship for graduating seniors who will attend two years of a community college and transfer to a California university or …

American Vineyard October Issue


Contents of the October Issue: “Post-harvest Considerations Following Extreme Weather Limit Grapevine Stress Cornell & NYS Fight the Spotted Lanternfly Vineyard Vampires Continue Raiding the East Coast Exploring New Vineyard Technologies Wine Grape Growers Encouraged by OSU Field Day The American Grapevine Grape Industry News Briefs California Missouri New York Oregon Washington

Disease Threats as Missouri Grape Harvest Approaches

As harvest approaches for Missouri grape growers, it’s important to remain vigilant to the end regarding disease management and poor weather conditions can have a significant impact on disease pressure and crop quality this time of the year.  In order for Downy mildew to infect grape tissue the tissue must be wet or have free-water available. In the absence of …

Table Grape Varieties Taking Well to New Nematode and Salt Resistant Rootstocks

Watch this brief interview with UC Cooperative Extension Specialist Ashraf El-kereamy as he discusses the performance of table grape varieties from trials with new nematode resistant and salt tolerant rootstocks. Read more in American Vineyard Magazine. Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their industry support.

Lodi PCA Warns Grape Growers of Danger in Not Screening Imported Plant Material

Many insect pests currently plaguing California agriculture are not native to the state.  As grape growers continue to battle pests like vine mealybug and are threatened by other potential pests such as spotted lanternfly, watch this brief interview with Lodi PCA/CCA Larry Whitted as he reminds growers how important it is for imported grapevines to be properly quarantined and screened …

American Vineyard August Issue

Contents of the August Issue: “Vampires” in the Vineyard Spotted Lanternfly Threatens Nation’s Grape Industry UC Davis to Build $5.25M Greenhouse Project Designed to Prevent Red Blotch & Other Diseases Managing Social Wasps, Including Yellow Jackets Avoiding Painful Interactions in the Vineyard The American Grapevine Grape Industry News Briefs California Georgia Indiana Michigan Missouri New York Oregon Washington

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