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GroPro Appoints Benito Varela as Chief Operating Officer

GroPro Corp. announced that veteran agriculture industry executive Benito Varela joined the team as the new Chief Operating Officer on July 1. Varela has almost 30 years of experience in agribusiness, including 25 years at Dow Agrosciences. A driven executive with broad-based expertise in leading effective strategy, Benito has a strong background in biotech as well as international territory management, market …

Double the Power in Disease Prevention for Grapes

– SPONSORED CONTENT – Diseases in fruit are inevitable – from weather to environmental issues that arise, grape crops face a multitude of threats, but they don’t have to overtake your crops. Although disease pressure had been low over the past few years, proper prevention is ideal for when it will become a challenge again in the future. It’s important …

American Vineyard August Issue

American Vineyard August Issue

Contents of the August Issue: When Smoke Gets in Your Wine New Smoke Taint Report Offers Guidance RBA Receiving Services More Options This Raisin Harvest Comparing Bird Management Tactics Dry Year Will Likely Draw More Birds to Vineyards The American Grapevine Grape Industry News Briefs California North Carolina Washington

Monitoring Stem Water Potential in Grapevine (Case Study on Cabernet)

– SPONSORED CONTENT – Plant water status is a crucial aspect of quality grapevine growing. Precisely managing grapevine’s water stress during different stages in the growing season will result in grape optimal quality and quantity. Water stress level and timing determine grape’s aroma profile. It can also affect the amount of polyphenols in the grape skin and determine the wine’s aging …

American Vineyard March Issue

American Vineyard March Issue

Contents of the March Issue: The Year the Earth Stood Still Grape Crush Report Reflects Difficult Year Grape Growers Adapt with Pandemic Could There Be a Silver Lining? Rick Stark Retires from Sun-Maid A Gracious Farewell from the Raisin Industry The American Grapevine Grape Industry News Briefs California Oregon Washington

What to Expect at the 2021 Virtual Unified Wine & Grape Symposium

– SPONSORED CONTENT – The 2021 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium’s virtual format is designed to offer you the same quality information, while being responsive to the new realities of a world facing a pandemic. Beyond making logical adaptations, we have also chosen session topics that reflect the specific challenges of the past year. We want to arm you with …

Preventing Powdery Mildew on Grapes with a Sustainable Tank Mix

Powdery Mildew on Grape Leaves

– SPONSORED CONTENT – INTEGRATED CROP MANAGEMENT PRACTICES give growers alter­natives to fight diseases that are increasingly resistant to synthetic products alone. With a unified approach that combines biological solutions in tank mixes with conventional chemistries, growers are real­izing longer residual activity and significantly improved crop protection. Specifically, wine grape growers face the threat of powdery mildew, which can drastically …