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Harvey Singh Steps Up as Chairman of the Raisin Bargaining Association

In addition to the announcement of Dwayne Cardoza stepping down as CEO of the Raisin Bargaining Association (RBA) at their recent annual meeting, Harvey Singh was also announced as the new RBA Chairman.  Watch this brief interview with Harvey Singh as he introduces himself and shares his outlook for the California raisin industry. Read more about it in the May issue …

American Vineyard May Issue


Contents of the May Issue: Five Bucks & A Desire for a Better Life Hardworking Raisin Growers Inspire Next Generation Changes in Leadership at the RBA The Rocky Road Continues with Hope for a Bright Future The Economics of Grape-Growing in Maryland Crunching the Numbers at the Maryland Grape Growers Conference The American Grapevine Grape Industry News Briefs California New …

Dwayne Cardoza Steps Down as CEO of the Raisin Bargaining Association

Attendees at the recent annual meeting of the Raisin Bargaining Association were surprised to hear Dwayne Cardoza’s announcement that he was stepping down as CEO of the association.  This announcement comes after serving several years as Chairman and then as CEO following Kalem Barserian’s retirement.  He served the raisin industry faithfully through some very tumultuous times for not only the …

Options for Raisin Growers to Navigate Labor Challenges

While innovations in vineyard mechanization have come a long way, labor challenges still prevail in the California raisin industry — and those issues have been amplified since the pandemic.  Watch this brief interview with UCCE Viticulture Farm Advisor George Zhuang as he shares what labor-saving options growers have to stay in the game.  Read more about it in American Vineyard …

American Vineyard April Issue

Contents of the April Issue: Sustainability From the Ground Up Columbine Vineyards Achieves Sustainability Certification Solbrio: The New Table Grape on the Block A Promising Black Seedless Variety for California Growers Mapping Red Blotch & Leafroll Viruses New Project with Smart Technology Makes Possible The American Grapevine Grape Industry News Briefs California Florida Montana Oregon Pennsylvania Texas Virginia Washington

American Vineyard March Issue


Contents of the March Issue: California Grape Crush Report Groundhog Year? – 2021 Harvest not a Repeat of 2020 Water, Climate Poses Challenges for Growers Grape, Nut & Tree Fruit Expo Presents State of Industry Updates A Grower’s Story Sharing the Stories of Grape Growers with Consumers The American Grapevine Grape Industry News Briefs California Michigan Missouri Ohio Oregon Virginia …

American Vineyard February Issue


Contents of the February Issue: Through the Grapevine American Vineyard – 30 Years and Counting Matthew Malcolm Appointed Editor A Benefit to American Vineyard and Grape Industry Tree & Vine Expo Brings Industry Back Together Critical Grape Industry Topics Addressed The American Grapevine Grape Industry News Briefs California North Carolina Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania Texas Washington

American Vineyard January Issue


Contents of the January Issue: Bokisch Vineyards – A Labor of Love From Home Winemakers to Pioneers of Spanish Wine Reunion at Sonoma Grape Expo State of the North Coast Wine Industry Outstanding Quality for 2021 Harvest Wine Grape Growers Celebrate Better Year & Vintage The American Grapevine Grape Industry News Briefs California North Carolina Oregon Washington

State of the California Raisin Industry with Sun-Maid

The last few years have been quite challenging for California raisin growers.  Grower returns have been lower despite increasing input costs, but the tide appears to be changing to their favor as shared at Malcolm Media’s recent Grape, Nut & Tree Fruit Expo. Watch this brief interview with Sun-Maid Growers’ CEO Harry Overly as he explains, and read more about …

American Vineyard November Issue


Contents of the November Issue: Expos are Back and In Person Expos in Cloverdale, Turlock and Fresno Burying Vines in the Sand, Not Their Heads Brooke Robertson Creates Innovative Mini-head Trained System RBA Makes MOU Offer for 2021-22 Raisin Crop More to Learn at the Grape, Nut, & Tree Fruit Expo The American Grapevine Grape Industry News Briefs California Florida …

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