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Pest/Disease Management

World-Renown Grapevine Pathogen & Disease Researcher Doug Gubler

Doug Gubler Reflects on a Successful Career By Matthew Malcolm, Assistant Editor (Republished online from August 2016 issue of American Vineyard Magazine in honor of the late Doug Gubler) California has led the world in research and innovation in vineyard management practices, and a lot of credit for this goes to UC Davis Extension Plant Pathologist Dr. Walter Douglas Gubler. …

New CA Pesticide Reporting Deadline Approaching April 30th

Special Thanks to This Video’s Sponsor! With new pesticide regulations in effect this year, it’s important for growers to review the changes, as shared by Andrew Smith from the Sonoma County Ag Commissioner’s office back at the Sonoma Grape Expo.  He shared some important things to know about the new regulations for pesticide use around school sites and the April …

Considerations for Powdery Mildew Management in the Vineyard this Season

Powdery mildew is an early season disease and growers should have a strategy in place as to how to manage it. Viticulture Farm Advisor Rhonda Smith talked about this at the recent Sonoma Grape Expo. Watch this interview with Rhonda as she offers some considerations for growers moving into the 2018 growing season.

Red Blotch Detected on Russell Ranch Grapevines

20-Dec-17 Deborah Golino, Director: Foundation Plant Services On December 20, 2017, Foundation Plant Services (FPS) announced that Grapevine Red Blotch Disease, caused by Grapevine red blotch virus (GRBV), has been found in the Russell Ranch Vineyard (RRV). All affected vines (only five of 4,132 vines in RRV tested positive for GRBV) have been removed and destroyed. FPS is carefully monitoring …

Mealybug Management – In or Out of Sync

UC IPM Advisor David Haviland recently shared some tips on mealybug control. The goal is to lower mealybug populations, prevent movement, protect the cluster and keep the vines compatible for biocontrol (especially postharvest). Some insecticides effective against vine mealybug include: Chlorpyrifos (delayed-dormant treatment), Buprofezin (best against crawlers), Spirotetramat (foliar applied/systemic in the phloem and xylem), and Neonicotinoids (some soil, some …

USDA-ARS Oregon Perspective on Managing Powdery Mildew

What the mildew? A perspective on another challenging year managing powdery mildew Dr. Walt Mahaffee, Research Plant Pathologist, USDA-ARS Horticulture Crops Research Unit There has been a lot of talk this season about powdery mildew pressure that has been difficult to manage. It might be easy to write off mildew management problems to fungicide resistance, since both FRAC 3 (DMI) …

Best Practices with Doug Gubler for Preventing Trunk Diseases in Grapevines

As a throwback from American Vineyard’s Central Coast Grape Expo last year, now is the time to prepare our vineyards with the right tools to prevent trunk diseases from spreading in the vineyard. Watch this interview with international expert and emeritus Plant Pathologist at UC Davis Doug Gubler who shared some great insights.

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