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California Wine Grape Harvest Update with Allied Grape Growers

How is the 2019 California wine grape crop and harvest progressing?  And what are the current trends in the wine market?  Watch this brief interview with Jeff Bitter from Allied Grape Growers and read more about it in American Vineyard Magazine.

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  1. jim grady

    09/29/2019 at 3:03 PM

    I think Jeff is a little out of touch with the current market. There is NO spot market for wine grapes in the Northern Central Valley. Even Gallo is not buying grapes on the spot market. I have 200 tons of Petite Sirah that the winery promised a contract for and then backed out of in July and there is NO ONE buying at any price. It is being blamed on the surplus of prior years grapes and wine production, slowing wine sales and on the Gallo label purchase that is held up by the government. Not sure what the answer is but it is a very difficult year. Jeff should paint a bleaker picture as that is what is really out there.


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