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Bulk Wine Imports Putting California Growers out of Business

Time to address the elephant in the room — It’s no secret that the wine market is struggling right now, not just in California, but all over the world.  To make matters worse, California growers’ wine grape crops are getting left unharvested and displaced at local wineries by cheap bulk wine being imported from other countries at disturbing levels. American Vineyard Editor Matthew Malcolm met with Stuart Spencer from the Lodi Winegrape Commission to discuss this issue. Watch this brief interview and read more about it in American Vineyard Magazine.

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  1. Richard Woolley

    06/19/2024 at 10:24 AM

    I find it ironic that CA vineyards are whining about being put out of business by bulk wine imports. Well all I have to say is welcome to the world where the rest of us vineyard owners here in the eastern United States have had to live for the last decade. Millions of tons of excess CA fruit and bulk wine is dumped into the east coast markets from CA every year. Pretty tough for us to compete when a vineyard that can only produce 2-3 ton/acre of premium wine grapes in 1 out of 10 years has to compete against mass produced CA fruit at 8 T/A from the central valley or elsewhere. Its gut wrenching isn’t it?


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